Illinois Chemical Education Foundation
John J. Hand Scholarship Application
(Open to High School Seniors and Undergraduate Students)


Open Only to All Future Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Material Scientists, Environmental Scientists, Agricultural Scientists and High School Chemistry Teachers

The Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI), through the Illinois Chemical Education Foundation (ICEF), invites the children of CICI member company employees to apply for a $2,000 John J. Hand Education Scholarship Award.

The CICI is a non-profit association of chemical companies operating in the state of Illinois. CICI activities include a number of programs in education, environment, and public affairs. CICI, through ICEF, presents a number of scholarship awards each year including the John J. Hand Education Scholarship.

We welcome your sons and daughters who are studying to be future chemists, high school chemistry teachers, chemical engineers and/or environmental engineers to apply for the John J. Hand Education Scholarship.  Please submit the following information postmarked no later than Friday, March 8, 2024, and received no later than Wednesday, March 13, 2024.


Name, address (with zip code), and telephone number, & clearly, state your career goal (please have this on a separate sheet of paper); 

Official transcript with fall 2023 grades, including GPA with scale; for high school seniors, please include an official ACT or SAT score; PSAT will NOT be accepted 

Two letters of recommendation from instructors or professors in chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry or chemical engineering; the letters MUST be on institution letterhead and signed; 

List of extracurricular activities, including community service, awards and accomplishments, and employment/work experience; 

High School Seniors: A one-page essay on “How did you become interested in your chosen field and where do you hope it takes you?” 

Undergraduates: A one-page essay on: “What is your major motivation for engaging in your current field of study, and  why do you think that’s important 

Student's relationship with the member company (son or daughter), including parent's name and the company name that the parent works for. ICEF staff must be able to confirm the parent is employed by a CICI member company. 

The information should be put together in a complete packet and sent to:


1400 E. Touhy Ave.
Suite 210
Des Plaines, IL 60018

John J. Hand Scholarship applicants must be a son or daughter of a CICI member company current employee. The applicant's parent must work at an Illinois facility. The applicant does not have to be an Illinois resident. This is not a scholarship for post-graduate education. If you have previously won this award you cannot reapply.

Please note: Only the winners will be notified.

We encourage all eligible students to apply for this prestigious scholarship. The winner will be notified by mail. The ICEF Scholarship Award will be presented at our 67th Annual Scholarship Luncheon. Be sure to include a return address and a contact telephone number with your application!