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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Chicago Reinstitutes Indoor Mask Mandate; Updated OSHA Guidance for Non-Healthcare Employees; Booster Shots Recommended - Available Next Month; Update on Vaccinations; Update on COVID-19 Cases; ACC Information on State COVID-19 Policy

Chicago Reinstitutes Indoor Mask Mandate:  As the average number of new daily cases of COVID-19 in Chicago surpassed 400, the city of Chicago yesterday announced that it will re-institute a face mask mandate for all indoor public settings. All individuals aged 2 and over, regardless of their vaccination status, will be required to wear a mask as of Friday, August 20, while indoors in public settings. 

Masks will be required in all indoor public settings, including bars and restaurants, gyms, common areas of condos and multi-residential buildings, and private clubs. Similar to previous mask mandates, masks can be removed at restaurants, bars and other eating/drinking establishments by patrons when they are actively eating and drinking. Masks can also be removed for certain activities that require their removal, such as beard shaves or facials. Additionally, masks can be removed by employees in settings that are not open to the public, if employees are static and maintaining at least six feet from all other individuals such as office cubicles.

Masks will remain mandatory on public transportation, in healthcare settings, schools, and correctional and congregate settings. This new public health order does not include capacity limits at public places, and masking remains optional in outdoor settings, but are recommended for unvaccinated individuals in crowded outdoor settings.

Updated OSHA Guidance for Non-Healthcare Employees: Aaron Gelb of Conn Maciel informed CICI that OSHA announced that it would be following the CDC’s recommendations and updated its primary COVID-19 guidance for non-healthcare employers – Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace to embrace CDC’s updated mask recommendations for vaccinated individuals.  OSHA’s updated guidance includes several links directly to CDC’s July Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People, as well as CDC’s COVID-19 Integrated County View Data Tracker, which depicts levels of county-level community transmission (low, moderate, substantial, or high).

Broadly, OSHA’s updated COVID-19 guidance tracks CDC’s updated guidance closely.  For example, OSHA now recommends that:

  • Fully vaccinated workers in areas of substantial or high community transmission wear masks in order to protect unvaccinated workers; and
  • Fully vaccinated workers everywhere in the country who experience a close contact exposure with a COVID-19 case wear a mask for 14 days or until they receive a negative COVID test taken at least 3 days after the contact.

Additionally, the guidance clarifies OSHA’s recommendations for protecting unvaccinated workers and other at-risk workers in “workplaces with heightened risk due to workplace environmental factors,” including those in manufacturing, meat and poultry processing, seafood processing and agricultural processing.

Booster Shots Recommended; Available Next MonthToday, US public health officials strongly recommended booster shots for Americans who received the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus vaccines eight months after receiving their second doses, starting Sept. 20.  These booster shots will depend upon a determination by the Food and Drug Administration that third shots are safe and effective, a ruling for which is expected in the coming weeks.  First in line for these extra shots will be health care workers, nursing home residents and other older adults, followed by the rest of the general population.

Update on Vaccinations: A total of 13,692,500 vaccines have been administered to Illinois residents. The average number of vaccines administered daily is 40,286.  According to the state’s vaccine administration data, 52.4% of the state’s overall population have been fully vaccinated with DuPage County leading the state with 62% of its population fully vaccinated.

Here’s how the rest of the state’s population by age groups ranks in terms of vaccinations:

12 years of age and older – 58% fully vaccinated; 75% one dose administered
18 years of age and older – 60% fully vaccinated; 77% one dose administered
65 years of age and older – 76% fully vaccinated; 92% one dose administered             

Additionally, the state has updated its COVID-19 website containing current locations and other pertinent information on one webpage.

Update on COVID-19 Cases: IDPH is reporting 1,474,285 positive tests of COVID-19 in Illinois, an average increase of 3,313 positive tests per day since last reported here 7 days ago on August 11.  In total, 27,906,468 tests have now been conducted in Illinois for the virus, an average increase of 63,086 per day since August 11. 

The state’s average positivity rate over all 11 regions is at 5.2% since August 11.  You can see where the various regions are at in terms of their positivity rates, hospitalizations, and other metrics at this link

Unfortunately, IDPH is reporting a total of 23,685 deaths, an average increase of 19 per day since August 11.

You can also check where these cases are occurring at the State of Illinois COVID-19 website which also contains more information on this outbreak.

Also, IDPH has a case breakdown of the number of positive cases in Chicago and each county relative to the number of fatalities.  The IDPH website also now includes a breakdown of the cases under each zip code in the state.

For information on other states and countries, John Hopkins University has developed this website that provides invaluable resources at a one-stop location detailing testing and tracing trends, timelines of COVID-19 policies, vaccinations, and interactive maps.

ACC COVID-19 Information on State COVID-19 Policy:



  • Vermont Governor Scott announced that employees of the state’s six prisons, VT Veterans Home, and state owned mental health facilities will be required to be vaccinated or get tested for COVID regularly. Details are still being worked out.  

New York

  • Governor Cuomo announced that all workers in healthcare facilities and long term care facilities, including nursing homes, adult care, and other congregate care settings, must have at least one dose of the vaccine by Sept. 27. State health officials also authorized a third dose of the vaccine for individuals with compromised immune systems in line with guidance from the CDC.

Rhode Island

  • Governor McKee announced that healthcare workers in public and private facilities will be required to get vaccinated or be tested for COVID twice a week by Oct. 1.


  • Governor Lamont announced that the state will be implementing the CDC’s recommendation for administration of third doses of COVID-19 vaccines to individuals who are moderately or severely immunocompromised. The CT Department of Public Health and providers will work together to ensure that individuals that need a third dose can get one.


  • No new updates since Governor Mills’ announcement that the state is adhering to the CDC’s recommendation of masking indoors regardless of vaccination status.


Mayor Bowser Announces Vaccination Requirement for District Health Officials And COVID Back-to-School Protocols

  • On Monday, Mayor Bowser announced that by September 30, 2021 all health care workers in the District must receive at least the first dose of the COVID vaccine.
  • On Wednesday, Mayor Bowser announced a list of Back-to-School protocols once classes resume on 7/30/21. The protocols include required masking, testing, and quarantine procedures.

Delaware Governor Carney Announces Vaccination Requirement for Health Care Workers and State Employees

  • Last Thursday, Governor Carney announced that ​beginning on September 30, staff in long-term care and other health care facilities as well as all state employees will be required to provide proof of vaccination or undergo regular testing.

Maryland State of Emergency Ends and Governor Hogan Announces Vaccination Requirements for Nursing Home and Hospital Employees

  • On Sunday, the Maryland State of Emergency ended. On Monday, Governor Hogan stated he has no plans to reinstate the COIVD state of emergency.
  • On Wednesday, Governor Hogan announced all Maryland nursing home and hospital employees must get vaccinated against COVID-19 or be subject to regular testing. Employees will be required to receive their first shot by September 1, 2021.

Ohio Governor DeWine Strongly Recommends Masks in Schools

  • On Tuesday, Governor DeWine strongly recommended masking in schools, but is not requiring them—leaving that decision up to localities.

Pennsylvania Department of Health Announces State Funding for COVID-19 Testing in Schools

  • On Monday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health announced the state will pay for a testing program at schools in order to detect COVID cases quickly among students, teachers, and staff participating in in-person learning during the school year. Counties will oversee the program on the local level. Participation is not mandatory.

Virginia Governor Northam to Require Universal Masking in K-12 Schools

West Virginia Governor Justice Announces Extra Vaccine Doses Available for Immunocompromised Individuals

  • On Monday, Governor Justice announced that West Virginia has begun administering a booster dose of the COVID vaccine to certain immunocompromised people.


Chicago Starts Indoor Mask Mandate

  • Chicago officials recently announced the city would reinstate the city’s indoor mask mandate, according to a Chicago Tribune article. Starting Friday 8/20/21, anyone age 2 and older will have to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccine status. For workplaces that are not open to the public, masks can be removed if employees are “static” and can maintain 6 feet of social distancing.  The article notes that Gov. J.B. Pritzker does not have plans to implement a statewide mask mandate at this time, according to spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh. The city also updated its travel advisory with nine new locations — bringing the list up to 39 states and three territories. Press Release   Tribune Article
  • The state of Illinois has already instituted a mask mandate for state employees and visitors to state offices, and a mask mandate for schools.

Indiana Governor Backs Local Decisions on Masks

  • News organizations reported Governor Eric Holcomb gave his support Monday to the growing number of school districts across the state issuing mask mandates for students and staff to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. The article states that several of the state’s largest school districts in the Indianapolis area began requiring masks for indoor areas on Monday though they initially started without a mandate.  The Hill Article  SF Gate Article

Iowa Legislature Blocked Local Mask Mandates, Schools may consider Incentives

  • Earlier in 2021, Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law a ban on schools, cities and counties enacting mask mandates. The Des Moines Register reported that Des Moines school officials are looking into incentivizing mask-wearing and vaccinations, which are available to anyone 12 or older, but no further details were available yet.

Kansas County and City Adopt Mask Mandate

  • Wyandotte County (home to Kansas City) –  The Unified Government on 8/5/21 adopted a mask mandate, effective through 9/16/21, that orders all businesses or organizations in the county to require employees, customers, and visitors to wear a mask or other face covering when: employees are working in any space visited by customers or the public; employees are working in an indoor space; or employees are working in any space where food is prepared or packaged for sale or distribution to others. Exemptions were given to county school districts, as well as the towns of Edwardsville and Bonner Springs.
  • The Prairie Village City Council on Monday approved a citywide mask order requiring masks be worn in most public indoor spaces, unless businesses require customers to provide proof of vaccination.

Michigan Agencies Urge Employers and Schools to Follow CDC Guidelines

  • MIOSHA on 8/12/21 issued a press release strongly encouraging Michigan employers to follow recently updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines due to the Delta variant of COVID-19.
  • The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on 8/13/21 announced new school guidance for COVID-19 mitigation and is strongly recommending universal masking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Detroit Free Press reported 8/18/21 that the chief medical executive for the state Health Department has advised Governor Gretchen Whitmer that a mask mandate is needed for K-12 schools to keep children safe when they return to classrooms, but the governor and the department director have yet to take action on that recommendation.

Minnesota Requires State Employees Be Vaccinated or Tested

  • Governor Tim Walz on 8/11/21 announced that all state employees will be required beginning 9/8/21 to show proof of coronavirus vaccination before returning to the workplace, or face regular testing. The mandate will apply to approximately 37,500 state workers as reported by the Pioneer Press. The governor’ press release notes that the State of Minnesota joins a growing list of private sector employers and a bipartisan group of governors in requiring vaccination for in-person work; that major employers including Mayo Clinic, Allina Health, M Health Fairview, and Sanford Health are requiring employees to be vaccinated and nearly a dozen of Minnesota’s colleges and universities are requiring their employees and students to receive the vaccine before returning to campus. The governor has extended the state’s $100 COVID-19 vaccination reward program by one week through August 22nd.   Article

Wisconsin Capital City and County Mandate Masks

  • The city of Madison and Dane County’s joint public health office on 8/17/21 reinstated an indoor mask mandate for residents and businesses, which goes into effect on Thursday. Face coverings are required among people ages two and older when in any enclosed space open to the public where other people, except for members of the person’s own household or living unit, are present. Face coverings are also required while driving or riding in any form of public transportation. The announcement is postedd here.  The State Department of Administration previously on 8/4/21 ordered all state employees and contractors to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. 


Alabama Governor Issues Narrow State of Emergency:

  • Governor Kay Ivey issued a State of Emergency order for Alabama. The Order is a very narrow State of Emergency, relating only to healthcare. Ivey’s new Order cuts some red tape for healthcare providers in order to better assist hospitals caring for COVID-19 patients. Click here to view the full Order.

Many North Carolina Localities Begin Implementing Mask Mandates:

  • As North Carolina’s statewide mask mandate has expired, many localities in the state have begun to pass their own orders. Durham County, Orange County, Guilford County, Boone, Cary, and Raleigh have already required masks in indoor public areas. Wake County, Mecklenburg County, and New Hanover County are also in the process of adopting mask mandates. Click here for more information.

Puerto Rico to Require Vaccinations for Food Service Workers:

  • Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi has announced that all food service workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be required to show negative tests. In addition, restaurants must require all customers must also show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test or be forced to lower their minimum capacity to 50% occupancy. These requirements go into effect on August 23rd. Click here for more information.

South Carolina Supreme Court Rules in Favor of College Campus Mask Mandates:

  • This past Tuesday, the South Carolina Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the University of South Carolina has the right to require masks on indoor campus areas. They must require masks for all students, not just unvaccinated individuals. Click here to view an article with more information.

Tennessee Governor to Allow Parents to Opt-Out of School Mask Requirements:

  • Governor Bill Lee issued an Executive Order requiring school districts to grant parents the ability to opt their children out of any school mask mandates from kindergarten up to 12th grade. This includes indoor areas, on buses, and during any school functions. Click here to view the full Order.

Texas Governor Tests Positive for COVID-19:

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. His office has stated that he remains in good health at the moment. Click here for an article with more information.


Arizona Governor Issues Order Barring Local Vaccine Mandates

  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued a new Executive Order that bars local governments from imposing vaccine mandates. The order specifies that local officials who impose vaccine mandate on their employees will face jail time and fines. Read the order: ‘Returning to Our Principles of Governance’.

Hawaii Governor Issues New Restrictions on Social Gatherings

  • Governor David Ige issued a new Executive Order imposing emergency restrictions on social gatherings. The new order limits gatherings to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. The Governor stated that all ‘high risk activities’ are limited to 50% indoor capacity. Patrons in these settings must remain seated with at least 6 feet between each party and not mingle or remove their masks except to eat/drink. Governor Ige indicated that exceptions will be allowed at the discretion of the counties for larger events that are professionally organized.

New Mexico governor sets mask mandate, requires vaccination

  • New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announcement the reinstatement of a mask mandate while indoors. The public order also establishes expanded vaccine mandates, requiring vaccinations for workers at hospitals, nursing homes, juvenile justice facilities, residential treatment centers and other places that the state deems as ‘high-risk’ (link). 


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