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Weekend Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Lowest Number of Deaths Than in Last Six Days Relative to Increased Testing; Updated Recovery Numbers Expected Later this Week; Update on General Assembly Legislative Session Tomorrow

Lowest Number of Deaths Than in Last Six Days
Relative to Increased Testing: At Governor Pritzker’s daily press briefing, he remarked that the overall testing has now surpassed 100,000 tests since the beginning of this pandemic. The total number of tests completed is 100,735, with 20,852 being positive to date and that the number of tests being conducted each day has reached its highest level since the outbreak.  Of those people tested, 20.6% of the results are positive for COVID-19.  This is an increase of 0.2% since Friday.  The number of reported fatalities increased by 124 over the weekend, which is the slowest growth in the number of deaths in the last 6 days relative to the numbers in increased testing.

Governor Pritzker claimed that the state’s “Stay at Home” order and social distancing requirements appear to be working and that the curve is expected to flatten more in the days to come. He also reiterated that the state needs to stay the course, maintaining this “Stay at Home” Order and continue with social distancing requirements and wearing face masks when it’s absolutely necessary to go out in public settings (essential employment, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.)      

You can check where these cases are occurring at the State of Illinois COVID-19 website which also contains more information on this outbreak. Also, IDPH has a case breakdown of the number of positive cases in Chicago and each county relative to the number of fatalities.  The IDPH website also now includes a breakdown of the cases under each zip code in the state. In addition, Western Illinois University has an put together this Map of COVID-19 Cases in Illinois & Surrounding States which gives you picture of where COVID-19 cases are occurring in relation to areas surrounding Illinois.  

Worldometer also has a site with pertinent statistics on a state by state breakdown and comparison.  Also, the City of Chicago has a good categorization of the cases within the city.

Updated Recovery Numbers Expected Later this Week: Late last month, through this Update, CICI reported that Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) sent a survey to everyone who’ve tested positive for COVID-19.  At that time, of those people who have responded to the survey, 48% of the cases have made a recovery.  Over the weekend, the IDPH stated that they will update the responses to this survey later in the week.  Stay tuned.

Update on General Assembly Legislative Session Tomorrow. Tomorrow, CICI intends to send a Legisletter to the membership detailing what the legislature is preparing to do, when they might reconvene and in whatever matter, in order to pass a budget and other emergency legislation, especially in relation to a COVID-19 response.  The Governor also stated today that much of his legislative agenda has been abandoned as a result of this pandemic. 

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