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Afternoon Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Biggest One-Day Increase in New Cases; Total: 2,538 Confirmed Cases, 26 Deaths; EchoSystem Critical Material Website; Interactive Website for Illinois Manufacturers, Suppliers; Federal Stimulus Package; Pre-Entry Screening at Facilities  

At the time of this e-mail, the Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) is now reporting 26 deaths, out of 2,538 now-confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Illinois, an increase of 673 new cases from yesterday, bringing the largest one-day increase in the number of total COVID-19 cases. In total, 16,631 people have been tested for the virus. You can see where these cases are occurring at the State of Illinois COVID-19 website that also contains more information on this outbreak. In addition, Western Illinois University has an put together this Map of COVID-19 Cases in Illinois & Surrounding States to give you a better picture of where COVID-19 cases are occurring in relation to areas surrounding Illinois.  

Economic Affects: Illinois has now lost two years’ worth of jobs gain. Over 114,000 residents applied for unemployment insurance in the state in the week which ended March 21, more than 14 times the total from the same week a year ago. The state’s unemployment rate has dropped 1 in 4 of the state’s household incomes below $50,000.   

EchoSystem Critical Material Website: To reduce the fragmentation and inefficiencies of sourcing critical materials needed to combat COVID-19 and also to provide visibility and access for the organizations most in need,  EchoSystem has launched VAPP website to enable people around the country to pitch in and help defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

VAPP enables CICI members to list their vital raw materials and critical finished goods, gaining access to accredited buyers with the most need around the country.

VAPP is a turn-key solution. With built-in payment and bulk freight logistics, moving quantities of all sizes across the country can be done in a few clicks.  

CICI members maintain full control over whom they sell to and at what price. All pricing remains confidential.

There are no costs for using the VAPP platform for the duration of the pandemic.

Interactive Website for Manufacturers, Suppliers: The Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) is participating in the Governor’s Supply Chain Task Force, which is working to ensure key products including disinfectants, cleaning products, sanitizers, sterilizers, soaps and personal protective gear, etc. get to the necessary hospitals and medical providers.

It is imperative to connect suppliers with those in need of supplies and to connect manufacturers with suppliers. There are over 20 critical products needed to respond to COVID-19.  The Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) has set up an Interactive Website to connect relevant manufacturing sectors of the state to get vital products  - ventilators, N95 masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfectants, and biohazard waste bags – to the front lines of this pandemic. 

Please visit this website and see where your facility may be able to help get these products to where they are needed the most.      

Federal Stimulus Package.  At the time of this writing, the U.S. House in the process of finishing up a $2.2 trillion stimulus package to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.  Of interest to CICI, highlights of this stimulus package include:

  • $500 billion lending fund for businesses, cities and states.
  • Expands unemployment insurance from three to four months, and provides temporary unemployment compensation of $600 per week, which is in addition to the regular state and federal UI benefits.
  • $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund for state and local governments, of which Illinois’ share is $2.7 billion, with another $2.2 billion to local governments.
  • $45 billion for the Disaster Relief Fund for the immediate needs of state and local governments to protect citizens and help them respond and recover from the overwhelming effects of COVID-19.
  • $4.3 billion, through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to support federal, state and local public health agencies to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the coronavirus.
  • Up to a $1,200 direct payment to tax filers, depending upon income, and $500 for each dependent child.  Kiplinger has this Stimulus Check Calculator available for use.

In addition to this stimulus package, President Trump approved today the state’s request for a federal major disaster declaration for Illinois.  This declaration will provide emergency funding outside of the stimulus package to increase hospital and housing capacity, and resources to expand Tele-Health.  The Pritzker Administration is also seeking another debt disaster declaration for all 102 counties of Illinois, which would allow the state to access FEMA individual assistance programs, like more unemployment benefits for those not currently eligible, enhanced benefits for those seeking shelter, food and emergency supplies, new legal services and financial assistance to under insured households.

Pre-Entry Screening at Facilities.  Some of CICI’s member facilities are putting “pre-screening” teams in place at their facilities before allowing entry. These teams are made up of Paramedics and EMT’s who will ask pre-determined health related questions and obtain dermal temperatures of people entering the facility. Attached are two documents from CICI Affiliate member SET Environmental explaining the process and procedures.    


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