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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – More Details on Illinois’ Vaccination Plans; Tracker with State Vaccine Updates & COVID-19 Orders; Update on COVID-19 Cases  

More Details on Illinois’ Vaccination Plans
: Under Illinois' vaccination plans, initial efforts will be focused on vaccinating health care personnel and long term care facility residents under the first phase of Phase 1, which will be broken into three sub-phases.  There are currently estimated to be over 763,000 workers in the state which will fall into the health care/long term care category, with 177,000 of them in the city of Chicago.  As of yesterday morning, only 3,500 vaccinations have been administered.  These phases and the people covered are detailed on page 15 of the above linked document.

The next sub phases are Phase 1b and 1c and Phase 2 and will cover employees in industries and occupations “important to the functioning of society”, such as manufacturing, including pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, general warehousing and storage, transportation and utilities.

Over 1 million workers will fall into Phase 1b with 248,000 of them in Chicago.  Phase 1c will cover over 3.4 million people, with 648,000 in Chicago. Phase 2 will cover more than 3.7 million people with over 792,000 in Chicago.  However, it should be noted that individuals who are 65 and over or who have certain medical conditions may get the vaccination before others in these sub-phases.  Also, individuals who are employees in these areas but working remotely may not be included in these sub-phases.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) 2 days ago reiterated their Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce Guidance that may be used to support prioritization decisions related to COVID-19 vaccines. 

CICI will also keep the membership updated if any changes occur to Illinois or CDC’s vaccination plans, which is likely as the roll out of the vaccinations are just now getting underway.  

Tracker with State Vaccine Updates & COVID-19 Orders:  Attached to this Update are two documents that contain the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) comprehensive COVID-19 Tracker with a separate chart illustrating state vaccine plans where you can find the updated vaccination plans for every state.  The other document details updated state specific orders and mitigation measures as well as executive orders and legislation relating to business liability. 

Update on COVID-19 Cases: IDPH is reporting 886,805 positive tests of COVID-19 in Illinois, an average increase of 8,102 new positive tests per day since reported here 2 days ago on December 16.  In total, 12,259,595 tests have now been conducted in Illinois for the virus, an average increase of 102,153 tests per day since December 16. 

The state’s average positivity rate over all 11 regions is at 8% for the last 7 days, and 7.9% in the last 2 days. You can see where the various regions are at in terms of their positivity rates, hospitalizations, and other metrics at this link

Unfortunately, IDPH is reporting a total of 15,015 deaths, an average increase of 180 per day since December 16.

You can also check where these cases are occurring at the State of Illinois COVID-19 website which also contains more information on this outbreak.

Also, IDPH has a case breakdown of the number of positive cases in Chicago and each county relative to the number of fatalities.  The IDPH website also now includes a breakdown of the cases under each zip code in the state.

For information on other states and countries, John Hopkins University has developed this website that provides invaluable resources at a one-stop location detailing testing and tracing trends, timelines of COVID-19 policies, and interactive maps.

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