Reducing Electricity & Natural Gas Costs Made Simple!

Did you know the average energy broker takes an $8 fee per hour for every MWG of electricity you purchase? Isn’t it time to keep that money in your business?

With the assistance of CICI’s partner, NRG Advisory Services, you can easily navigate the complex world of energy contracts and save real money on your natural gas and electricity costs.

It’s our goal to ensure CICI members get honest, competitive quotes from Constellation, Direct Energy, Dynegy, and MidAmerican Energy. With the benefit of NRG’s negotiation and strategic positioning, prices drop an average of 11 percent.

CICI members have already experienced savings: “Working with NRG was very easy. Explained our situation and with virtually no effort on my part, we saved 7 percent on the cost of our electricity.” Matt Koupal, Director of Manufacturing, GEA Farm Technologies

Another CICI member just received a 19 percent reduction in natural gas costs. With electricity and natural costs rising, let NRG and their team of 225 employees assist you in managing your electricity and natural gas costs.

There is no cost to use NRG’s services. It’s a benefit of CICI membership. Want to learn more about what NRG can do for your business? Please contact Mark Biel at [email protected] or 217-522-5805.