2018 Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

You will be seeing lots of great chemistry today. Here is a worksheet to help you start a discussion with your students. This is more for them to observe than to just walk up and ask questions off the worksheet. The theme this year is all about being a Citizen Scientist and observing and listening to what is happening around you.


1)      When do you wear a hazmat suit? (SET booth)

2)      At the SNF Polychemie booth, watch the demonstration. What is added to the water? What happens?

3)      At the Carus booth, you are going to learn about thinking like a scientist. What is a hypothesis?

4)      At the Stepan booth, how does the cup feel when holding it after the chemical reaction occurs?

Discuss with your chaperone/teacher why this happens.

5)      How many company booths dealt with food?

6)      Which booth has the mussels? When listening to the presenter, why are mussels important to the environment?

7)      What is fluorescence? (UOP)

8)      When you were at the UOP booth, what did you see under the microscope?

9)      At the MKD booth, did you try on any safety equipment? Did you work the electrical circuitry switchbox? Why is electrical safety so important? Do you need a college degree to be an electrician? If not, what kind of schooling is required?

10)   At the TLC booth, explain the “Solid of Liquid” demonstration.

11)   At the Univar booth, this company is a distributer. What does a distributer do and what kind of products do they distribute?

12)   What was unique at Alpha Bulk Terminal booth about how they handle storage of chemicals?

13)   At the Innophos booth, why did the beads glow? Can you explain the reaction?

With the singing bowls, what caused the water to “jump”?

14)   At the Crime Lab booth, what is the study of bullets called?

15)   At the AbbVie booth, why is DNA important? And why is PPE important?

16)   At the Chlorine Chemistry Council booth, participate in the experiment. Was the experiment endothermic or exothermic?

17)   At the St. John Mittelhauser booth, watch the video. What is happening in the video? What is remediation?

18)   At the Dow booth, how many everyday items can you name that contain polymers? After the event, discuss with your teacher what polymers are.

19)   Did you meet any engineers at the booths? Can you give a first name of the engineer?

20)   Why is welding important? (Manhattan Mechanical Booth) What role do valves play in industry?