Chemical Industry Council of Illinois

Facts and Figures about Illinois Chemistry Business

The Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) is a state-wide business trade group that represents the interests of the chemical industry in the state of Illinois.

CICI was first founded in 1951 as the Drug and Chemical Industries Activities Committee (DACIAC) formed by 16 companies with the main objective to promote excellence in education.

Today, CICI has 210 members representing over 700 facilities in Illinois. CICI members employ almost 45,000 people in Illinois with an average annual wage of $97,000.

The Council consists of regular members, affiliate members and associate members. Regular members are companies which are engaged in the manufacture, blending, distribution and sale of beneficial chemicals. Trade Associations are also regular members. Affiliate members are those companies which provide transportation, equipment or supplies to the chemical industry. Associate members provide legal, environmental consulting and engineering services.


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